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How to Get Google Indexed Blog?, Here's How

How to get google indexed

GugelQ - Maybe many bloggers have shared this, a problem that is quite draining for a beginner blogger when their blog or site is not indexed or cannot be found by Google even though we have entered the correct link from our post. So that blog traffic will decrease drastically and of course for blogs that have income will lose their income.

I've read several articles on other blogs and official articles issued by Google itself on how to fix a broken site or error when opening. Well, from some of these articles I managed to put it into practice and Alhamdulillah I managed to apply it to my site.

To fix this kind of thing we must first enter the google search console, and verify the site properties that we have. But for those who have successfully verified previously, just open the site properties to be repaired

Then select index in the menu in the left corner of the google search console site

Then choose a site map or site map if you speak English

After that, a field will appear to create a new sitemap

Please add the following link and send
In addition to the five links above, there is also a link specifically for blog posts with less than 500 articles

As for more than 500-1000 posts, just replace the number 500 at the end of the link with 1000.

It should be noted that to enter the link must be one by one then send and continued with other links.
When you have entered the link above but the link is not found, then check the letters and accuracy again. I've been like that because the link I entered was incomplete by 1 letter.
So you need accuracy or you can just copy the link above from this blog.

Good luck and good luck being indexed by google

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