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Who and where did Sheikh Mansour As Salimy come from? biography of sheikh mansour as salimy

Sheikh Mansour As Salimy

GugelQ - Through this article, I want to convey a message of admiration for a famous preacher who is known to many people. Maybe there are those who don't know his name, but when they see the video or hear the rhythm of his voice while preaching or reading the Koran, they will immediately recognize him.

A preacher from Saudi Arabia who was born June 7, 1983, there are not many articles or writings discussing his biography, when you search for it on a search engine you will only find various recordings and videos of his preaching.

There is even a similar name and is said to have a famous Football Club in Europe, if examined further, the photo shown is different from the photo of Sheikh Mansur Al Salimi.

Sheikh Mansur's recitation of the Qur'an is very soothing, with a distinctive qurdi rhythm that will amaze everyone who hears it and can feel it in the heart. The verses of the Qur'an that are conveyed in da'wah are so beautiful through their melodious pronunciation.

In one YouTube video it is stated that there was a convert who received guidance when he saw Sheikh Mansur's video on the internet, his beautiful reading and delivery were the reasons for the arrival of guidance to non-Muslims. MasyaAllah, it is a great thing when Sheikh Mansur becomes the door of guidance, without meeting that person.

May Allah SWT always bless you, O Sheikh.
The people really hope for the presence of a da'i who preaches like the original peaceful Islam, is present full of grace and inspires the hearts of non-Muslims to believe that Islam is a straight religion that is again blessed by Allah SWT.

Try listening to the following reading of Surah Al Fatihah, a recording from Sheikh Mansur


That is the recitation of Surah Al Fatihah which was read by Sheikh Mansur. Now listen to the following verse by Shaykh Mansur.

How amazing isn't it? Take a look at his videos on YouTube. Listen with appreciation

thanks for reading

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