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Russia - Ukraine War Exposes the Hypocrisy of the Superpowers and the Zionist State


GugelQ - A hot issue that is being discussed around the world is the war between Russia and Ukraine, a war that arose as a result of the prolonged conflict between the former Soviet Union. Many alleged causes of the war

War is a last resort to solve a problem, before the war, of course, various kinds of negotiations have been carried out to reconcile the two warring parties, but because there is no agreement to make peace, it must be resolved by war and deploying military force gradually.

The dispute between Russia and Ukraine began to flare up in 2014 which the issue started because Ukraine did not want to be in Russia's circle of power. Until the pro-Russian president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych was overthrown at that time. quoted from Wikipedia that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was the main trigger, in the article on Wikipedia it was stated that there were anti-Ukrainian separatist groups that received full support from Russia in the Crimea area. Then several sources said that Russia began to continue to launch attacks against the backdrop of the United States' intervention through NATO in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is known that the United States has been Russia's mortal enemy since the Cold War. Briefly like that, my writing this time does not really discuss the pre-war conditions in Russia and Ukraine.

see the title of this article, "Russia-Ukrainian War Exposes the Hypocrisy of Superpowers and Zionists", who are they? The current superpower is the United States, while the Zionist state is none other than Israel itself.

What prompted me to write this article was a video recording on one of Cordova Media's Youtube Channels, where Joe Biden, the President of the United States, gave a statement that seemed to have forgotten the actions of his own country.

The following is an excerpt from Biden's speech “By God who gave Putin (Russian President) the right to declare a so-called new state on the territory of his neighbor? This is a real violation of international law and requires a firm response from the international community” a stupid statement in my opinion, the United States seems to have forgotten what it did in the Middle East countries. Coming and causing civil conflict there, various scientific discussions that mention the existence of the United States in the Middle East is for the control of the Energy contained in the region.

Don't tell the story further, Palestine's pain and wounds have not healed and are difficult to disappear because of the atrocities of the Israeli Zionists, which are fully supported by America to carry out the invasion of the Palestinian territories despite criticism from various parties. Even at the time of Donald Trump, America recognized that the capital of Israel which was moved to Jerusalem was legally a Palestinian Territory.

Then what about Syria? Afghanistan? Yemen? Libya? Iraq? Which also intervened by the United States under the pretext of the United Nations (United Nations) to provide peace there. Precisely America's existence sparked civil war and millions of lives died and hundreds of thousands of buildings were destroyed in these countries. Has America not been aware of its actions all this time? Maybe America and its power holders don't know the proverb "Elephant across the sea is visible, Mosquito on the eyelid is invisible".

It's as if spitting in the sky has fallen in their own face, yes, that's the condition of America because of the president's words about the war that took place between Russia and Ukraine.

The Zionist State, which has clearly and plainly oppressed Palestine for years, has also voiced its voice through Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, "The Russian attack on Ukraine is a serious violation of international law, Israel condemns the attack." the identity of the State of Israel? They condemned Russia's bombardment of Ukraine in recent days, then forgot about its attacks and cruel actions against its neighboring Palestinian state. Seizing rights and declaring power on the land of an independent country.

A video recording of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pouring his heart out about what his country is going through “Today I asked 27 European leaders if Ukraine will join NATO, I have asked directly.. Everyone was scared, no one answered. But we are not afraid, we are not afraid of anything. We are not afraid to defend our country, we are not afraid to talk to Russia, we are not afraid to talk about anything, about security guarantees for our country, we are not afraid to talk about neutrality, we are not a member of NATO at this time. But what guarantee do we get? And most importantly which country will give us that guarantee?”

Ukraine feels left alone to bear the effects of America's intervention through NATO, which is now silent as a spectator while Ukraine is being pounced on by the Russian red bear. President Biden also gave a statement that he would not deploy his troops to provide security guarantees for countries that are not members of NATO. For this reason, America is hiding its fear of dealing with Russia, which on paper has superior weapons.

Ukraine is completely alone against Russia, plus 12,000 Chechen Republic troops who have moved into conflict areas to help Russia, waiting for orders from Russia to attack Ukraine. The President of Chechnya urged the President of Ukraine to immediately apologize to Russia before it was too late.

Through this war, Ukraine should realize who is there when it is really needed, who is a friend who is really willing to die to defend a friend who is in trouble.

Finally, I personally still hope that the Russia-Ukraine war will meet a common ground to make peace and resolve the conflict through discussion. War will only leave damage, when two conflicting parties eat the winner becomes the direction of the loser becomes ashes, neither is better than the two.

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