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How to Improve the revenue of ads? so easy way!!


Hello,  in this article GugelQ is back to writing an article that hopefully will be useful for everyone who reads it, you can see in the title of this article how to double Adsense income with the help of admob.

Improve Revenue so easy

I need to discuss in more detail about adsense and admob not to cause confusion to readers, maybe some people already understand what Adsense is. but, what is admob not everyone can understand and know what admob actually is.


Adsense, of course, many already know, namely Google's service that provides advertising services on various platforms such as YouTube and others, a profit-sharing collaboration that can benefit the platform owner or blog owner who when adsense is shown ads will get paid. 

Many people can make tens of millions from this collaboration, a Youtuber who is able to display ads in his videos will get a lot of money when the views are very large. But on the other hand, if the view is a little, it will eat a little of the rupiah coffers that will be received.


Just like only AdSense, amob is also a Google service that displays ads through both Android and iOS application platforms. Admob ads will appear on all applications that have placed an advertising code on the application owned by the developer or application developer. 

Of course you often use applications which then if the application is used will show ads, Now that's admob ads that are displayed to users of the application which then becomes the coffers of rupiah for application developers.

As written on the official admob website, they mention that these ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products or services to application users.

So we can simply differentiate according to the brief explanation above regarding the difference between adsense and admob. But both are google services in the field of advertising, both have complexities in terms of making and how to run it.

Increase Income Up To 2 Times

How to increase your income up to two times by creating an admob application that displays your own blog, such as which makes the Android application Jokkajo Co. Ltd.

I have uploaded the application to the Playstore and registered with Google admob so that it can display interstitial ad banner ads. Besides admob ads that appear on Android applications, ads that appear on the blog are also visible on Android applications.

That means I earn 2 times in one view, I see two ads at once from 2 different sites and apps. The ads that I see in the admob application are also recorded on admob revenue and so the ads that appear on blpg posts are also recorded on Adsense.

How to make an Android application is quite easy but when the Android has been created and then put it into the Play Store we have to pay a Google developer registration fee of 25US$

If the android application is already in the playstore, then we can enter the admob ad code in the application that has been made, so that when our application is used by other people and displays ads we will get paid from the ad.

If you don't mind and want to make sure this article is correct, then you can download the JokkaJo Co. Ltd Android application, then you will see ads that appear on my others blog and also ads that will appear on the android application.

For those of you who already have an Android application but can't upload it to the Playstore, you can contact me via email , regarding costs, you don't have to pay 25 dollars, but it's cheaper than that around 10$ for one Android application. uploaded to Playstore.

I only help upload your application to the Play Store, and for advertising you can link your own admob ad code to the application. So that the income from the application ads goes into your personal admob records.

For how to make an Android application, I will make it in the next article. Good luck and hopefully it will be useful, don't forget to leave a comment below.

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