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The Explanation of Common Causes of Tremor, is it dangerous?

GugelQ - Body tremor is often caused by very low air temperatures. The body tries to maintain its internal temperature and tries to enter into contracts that eventually cause us to feel vibrated. However, paramedics claim that sudden concussions in the body can cause some health problems.

Several causes of cold tremor

Health experts advise not to underestimate the symptoms of cold body tremors. Especially if the air temperature is not really low. Here are some things that can cause it.


If you have a high fever, you may experience symptoms such as tremor. This condition occurs when the body temperature rises above 37.7 degrees Celsius. Fever is often caused by the body's reactions to fight various infections, breakdown of the body or allergies.

If you have a fever, your body will experience symptoms such as chills and tremors until flu-like symptoms appear. This condition usually slows down on its own.

Simply put, if we want to function normally immediately, we can speed up the process of curing a fever by drinking plenty of water or taking medications that can reduce the fever.

Experience with hypoglycaemia

Hypoglycemia is a condition that causes blood sugar levels to fall below normal. This condition causes symptoms such as tremor. Hypoglycemia is often caused by the body not being able to eat for a long time without another source of energy. This condition is also common in people with diabetes. 

They often poorly control their blood sugar levels, so in the long run, if their blood sugar levels drop, they cause symptoms such as hunger, cold, and weakness. These symptoms go away only if we start eating or control our blood sugar better.

In addition to the cold, hypoglycaemia can also cause cold sweat, palpitations, poor vision and cramps in the body. In diabetics, this condition can lead to death!

There is hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism occurs when the body has difficulty maintaining thyroid function, thereby affecting the body's metabolic system. This condition can actually make the body more sensitive to low temperatures to easily experience a cold.

In addition to tremor, hypothyroidism can cause other symptoms such as heavy weight gain for no apparent reason, facial inflammation, muscle weakness, pain and stiffness, hair, nails and skin. risk of depression.

Side effects of different types of drugs

Other medications can have side effects such as tremor. It's just that these drugs are usually on the market independently. In addition, these symptoms can be caused by certain types of dietary supplements or herbal products, if taken without distinction, instead of in the correct dosage. 

This is why we should always seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist to obtain safe medications and the right dosage to prevent side effects.

Effects of drugs

Of course, anesthesia may not have any side effects in the form of a vibrating body, but there are those who experience it especially after surgery. Aware of the effects of this anesthesia will cause the body temperature to remain lower than normal, which will cause tingling.

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