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[インストラクター紹介1/Meet our instructors 1] Urban Sketching Weekend Skills Series, Tsudanuma


先般こちらで告知したイベントUrban Sketching Weekend Skills Seriesについて、プログラム内容やタイムテーブルを更新しましたので、お知らせいたします。最新のタイムテーブルを以下リンクよりご確認ください(英語版の次ページに日本語版が続きます)。
Regarding the event, Urban Sketching Weekend Skills Series, which we announced here, we have some updates about the activities and timetable. Check out the revised timetable from the link below.

インストラクター紹介1/Meet our instructors 1

さて、こちらのブログでは今回のイベントでインストラクターを務めてくれるスケッチャーを順次紹介していきます。まず取り上げるのは、4月2日(日)にデモ*を行ってくださることになりました、ケーシー・トリウミ(Instagram:@caseytoriumi)さんです!USk Japanの皆さんにはお馴染み、「どんなふうに描いているか知りたい」というファンも多いスケッチャーだと思いますが、今回やっとUSk Japanのイベント内でデモをしていただく機会を設けることができ、個人的にもとても嬉しく思っています。
In this blog, we're going to introduce our instructors. The first one is Casey Toriumi (Instagram: @caseytoriumi) from USk Japan. We're so happy to announce he's going to do a demo on April 2! I know he has many fans who want to see how he sketches.


Sketching is not about accuracy--
Casey-san's focus isn't on precision or perfection but on playing around with lines and colors freely. He is an incredibly fast and prolific sketcher: he makes several sketches every day and has kept doing that for a few years. In the demo, you can see his sketching process from the beginning to the end right beside him. You'll definitely be amazed how he captures a complicated cityscape so fast! There will be a Q&A session after the demo, so you can ask him how to sketch quickly, tips for keeping a daily practice of sketching, etc.

<プログラム情報/Activity info>
デモ(講師 ケーシー・トリウミ)@京成津田沼駅北口広場(Googleストリートビュー
Demo by Casey Toriumi @Keisei Tsudanuma Station North Exit Plaza (Google Street View)
- 日時/Date & Time: 4月2日(日)10時~11時/10am - 11am, April 2 (Sun)
- チェックイン場所/Check-in site: 丸田集会所(Google map)/Maruta Meeting Room (Google map)
*Be sure to arrive at the check-in site by 30 minutes before the activity starts.
*The instructor will let participants do a quick sketch during the demo. Please bring a sketch kit. A pen and a sheet of paper will be enough.

新プログラム追加/New activity added

We added a free sketch session to April 1 (from 2.30pm)  for those who do not attend the demo or workshop in the afternoon of the day (No attendance fee). Also, it will be an alternative to the sketchwalk for those who do not participate on April 2. Currently planning the course.

<プログラム情報/Activity info>
Free Sketch Session
- 日時/Date & Time: 4月1日(土)14時30分~/From 2.30pm, April 1 (Sat)
- チェックイン場所/Check-in site: 丸田集会所(Googleストリートビュー)/Maruta Meeting Room (Google Street View)
*Be sure to arrive at the check-in site by 30 minutes before the activity starts.

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