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[チケット一般販売開始/Ticket sales started] Urban Sketching Weekend Skills Series, Tsudanuma


You can check out the information on the event and instructors here.

チケット一般販売開始しました!/Ticket sales has just started!


General ticket sales started at 7pm on February 25 (Sat) (JST).
Please check out the ticket sales page on Peatix and make a purchase.

●購入時の注意/Notes on purchase


Be sure to check the timetable carefully when you make a purchase since you cannot participate in activities that happen in the same time slot.
Also, the ticket prices for the demos by Rob Sketcherman and Casey Toriumi will be different depending on whether you are a workshop ticket holder or not (1,000 yen each for ticket holders / 2,000 yen for non-ticket holders). Be sure to check the price before purchasing. If you are a non-workshop ticket holder and purchase a demo ticket for ticket holders, the difference will be charged.

お問合せはチケット販売ページから直接行っていただくか、Urban Sketchers Japanのメールアドレス(へご連絡ください。

For queries, contact us through the ticket sales page or send a message to
We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.

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